We are celebrating our We are celebrating our opening eve, and our grand opening on Friday, September 7, this is your chance to start with all the Power! MuOnline Peru rewards you for participating and helping our server grow.

1. Like, share and tag!
It is very simple, there is a publication on our Fanpage (Click here), you should like it, share it (publicly) and tag a friend with whom you will play MUPE; and you will automatically enter the draw for a Pack of 2 Sets Sockets 380 +11+16+5 Sockets (Empty Slots). The validity of the event is until September 9 at 11:59 pm, after the date no more entries will be accepted to the draw, the winners will be published on our fan page, you must contact to claim your prize; Remember to like our Fanpage. (Note: Sets class are a winner's choice. Para español, usa este enlace: Click aquí).

2. "El Bocon" Event

Our goal is to provide a sanctuary free of all but fun, help us to get this news to more people and enjoy WiggleMU; show your skills to spread the news and be rewarded with incredible prizes that will be like a cherry on top of the cake if you are looking to dominate the PvP and any rival. You only have to publish the image that we will provide on our fanpage (Click here) with the hashtag #PlayMUPE and #MU (both Hashtags must be present) and on the internet (forums, facebook groups, etc). Each like or post will be awareded with points (see below), the user with the most points will be awarded according to their position (1st, 2nd, 3rd place and so on). The image to be published is the following:

Note: To download the image "Click here" or right click the image and save it.

Actions Points Awarded
Likes on banner (image provided above) 0.5 points per Like
Posts on facebook groups 1 points per post
Post on MuOnline related forums 2 points per post

The prizes to win according to their position will be the following:

Rank Reward
1st Sets Sockets 400 +11+16+5 Sockets (Empty Slots)
2nd Seed Sphere Lv.10 (x15 quantity) - Choosen option and element
3th Seed Sphere Lv.10 (x5 quantity) - Choosen option and element
4th~8th FREE 7 VIP Days (Crusader)
9no~15vo FREE Rented Set (3 days)

Note: The event ends on Friday, September 14 11:59 pm, the awards will be held on Monday, September 17. We will only consider post on forums related to MuOnline and only the first post ever published there (no duplicate post on the same board), there's no restriction for facebook groups; please also add the server URL to our posts (https://muonline.pe), send us your links to [email protected], banners posted on our fanpage will be reviewed there, good luck to all.

Best Regards,
MUPE Administration

We are opening our doors oficially this friday, Octubre 5 - We will be in BETA phase till then; download our oficially client (Click here), Register your account (Click here) and begin to earn prizes right away, each reset you perform in our BETA server will be rewarded with 5 wcoins per reset in the oficial server*.

Saludos Cordiales,
Staff de WiggleMU

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