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BattleSoccer Tournament

Event Period: Saturday 06/05 at 11:00AM (-5 GMT).

BattleSoccer Tournament!
Show your teamwork skills and lead your group to victory in this battle soccer tournament. Now with a new, more challenging modality where there will not only be 1 ball but 5 balls on the soccer field. On top of that, all players will be playing with the giant's transformation ring, so scoring a goal will be the path to victory.


  • Register your group of 3 characters on our discord channel Battle Soccer. Link:
  • Minimum of 4 teams to start the event. Maximum 8 teams (in order of registration).
  • Parties must be made up of people with different IPs and HWIDs. The same person cannot participate in more than one party.


  • The group must consist of the guild master + 2 guild members.
  • Giant's Transformation Ring. It will be provided to all participants.
  • A party can only have one (1) gun crusher per team.

Winner Rewards:

  • 5x Garuda Flame
  • 3x Wings of Power (30 Days)

Tournament Rules:

  • You CANNOT use complex, sd or elite potions.
  • You MAY NOT use staves, muuns, or pets. I will immediately disqualify any player who shows a muun or any pet.
  • You MUST wear the Giant Transformation Ring at all times or your party will be disqualified.
  • Participants must have different IP and HWID.
  • If you do not show up for your match, you will be banned from future events. Attendance is your responsibility.
  • It is forbidden to let yourself win to favor another team. It will disqualify you and prohibit you from participating in future events.
  • All matches are Bo1 (best of 1), Final is Bo3.
  • The duration of the match is 10 minutes maximum. The team with the most points when time expires wins.
  • These rules are subject to change and/or addition at any time.

Published by MUPE Management, May 4, 2023
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